Custom Cover Drops By Cover FX

L a s t   S a t u r d a y   S e p h o r a  opened its doors at the Chadstone shopping centre so naturally I had to go explore the new store and pick up a few things during my visit. One of my many purchases was the custom cover drops by Cover Fx, this is my review of the product in case you wanted to purchase it yourself.

Firstly I’ll start off by saying I no longer have the product as I have since returned it to the store, I would also like to say that although it didn’t work for myself it may work for you.

The Cover FX drops are a highly concentrated foundation formula designed to be mixed with other products such as moisturiser, primer, serums and they can even be mixed with other foundations to alter the colour/shade of your foundation. These drops are really designed to fit to your routine and preferred level of coverage and finish. Sephora recommend that you give the bottle a good mix/shake before trying to use it.

I purchased the drops in store and got matched to the shade N25, the drops cost $72 for 15ml. I used the drops everyday for a week and tried to mix it with four different products to find the best result. The first product I mixed my drops with was my Laura Mercier moisturiser, I mixed a pea size amount of moisturiser with 2-3 drops of Cover Fx then mixed it on a mixing palette and applied it to my face with a beauty blender. The second way I chose to mix it was with my Too Faced hydrating primer and I used a similar quantity, thirdly I mixed it with my Estee Lauder double wear foundation to alter the colour. The last product I chose to mix the drops with was the radiance drops from Cover FX with lemon grass for brightening, for each application I used primer and moisturiser as a base and applied the drops and the mixer with a beauty blender on two occasions i used a Zoeva foundation brush to blend the product out.

However with each application I noticed within 3-5 hours of wearing the cover drops it began to oxidises and separates on my skin leaving noticeable patches where the product had stayed and other patches where it had disappeared.


It was to the point where people thought that I had a rash on my face because my makeup was so patchy, in my opinion the drops do not mix well with other products and have a 2 hour staying power before you need to take off all your makeup and redo it.I also found when trying to apply my liquid highlighter over the drops it didn’t mix well and left my highlighter unblended and stripy. As I mentioned above I have since returned the product and will not be repurchasing it. There are so many other better and more affordable foundations out there to try that are consistent in their application and leave your face looking flawless.

I will however link a video below that shows that they have worked for other people.


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