B e a u t y O n A B u d g e t : C o n c e a l e r

S i n c e   m o v i n g  to Melbourne I have realised that my luxury makeup habits might need to take a backseat in order to afford your everyday necessities. As a result I’ve been trying heaps of new and more affordable products to use on an everyday basis.

The first product in my collection that I replaced with a more affordable option was my Urban Decay concealer, while I do really love this product it was just too pricey to keep repurchasing every 2 months.

So as an alternative I started trying out a few drugstore concealers and after three different products and brands I found my holy grail concealer !

Its the Instant Age Rewind concealer from Maybelline. The age rewind is only $12.30 for 6ml, when comparing that to the Urban Decay concealer that costs $46.00 for 5ml you are getting a lot more value for money.

This concealer has become my favourite product to reach for over the last 3 months, it is a little thicker in constancy and has a sponge applicator making it very easy and simple to apply. The coverage it gives me is perfect, its not too heavy but gets rid of my dark circles and gives an overall brightening effect.


The shade I use is light/pale and the way i like to apply it is over my foundation, I swipe the product under my eyes, cupids bow, jawline and in the middle of my forehead then I take a damp blending sponge and just press it into the skin.

I would definitely recommend this concealer if you’re on a budget or if you’re just looking for a new concealer, you won’t be disappointed !




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